Sowgraph is your MultiPress partner in Latin America

MultiPress is an ERP/MIS solution that integrates all administrative, commercial and logistic processes into one powerful management system.

Sowgraph: A professional team

Sowgraph: A professional team

Sowgraph team members are experts highly skilled factory-trained engineers, servicing and providing technical support for MultiPress.

Sowgraph is offering extensive service  and support to the highest levels of expertise. We have one simple philosophy: we like to nurture our customers’ successes, a partnership of co-operation, willingness and empathy. We are here for the long haul. We stand apart from our competitors in our ability to walk our customers through their stages of success with our solutions and services. We are proud of the customers we boast.

MultiPress, the ERP for printing businesses

MultiPress, the ERP for printing businesses

MultiPress helps to reduce the administrative tasks and improve your productivity thanks to numerous modules for your specific company. Customer management, price calculation, time registration, cost management or cost price calculation and invoicing are only a few of the many possibilities offered by MultiPress that will help you to save a lot of time and money.

The number 1 solution for printing businesses

MultiPress manages your customers and suppliers database via its integrated CRM, optimizes your costs when calculating quotes (thanks to its connectivity with your production tools), manages the customer relationship with online validation tools, creates your job sheets, checks and updates your inventory, plans interactively all your production steps in real-time, connects to your RIP engines, manages delivery notes and shipping labels, generates invoices, tracks the payments and offers dynamic performance dashboards.

The number 1 solution for printing businesses


“With the ‘Calculation Wizard’, Dataline has
taken a significant step in the further
automation of the printing business.”

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